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Welcome to Cleaning Companies in Qatar

Your search for the ideal housekeeping services with the dedicated maids are over. Now you can get rid of all your stress when it comes to housekeeping and tough cleaning because we does things differently from the other ordinary services. We are here to serve our customers in our fullest capacity, not to just scrape off the pieces of dust. Our expertise and skill will wipe off any stains remaining in your house and once we are through; there will be a shimmering light on every corner and everything we touched. We will not stop until we see the smiles on your faces.

  •   We have over 150 Maids
  •   Mobile App and Online Booking
  •   15 years of success
  •   24/7 Customer Support

How it Works

Select Preferences

You need to select your preferences such as the type of cleaning and the dates when the cleaning takes place to start the booking.

Pay Online

You can initiate the payment once you've selected your preference and can choose to pay the total amount online through a safe portal.

Maid Arrives

Once the payment is processed, the maids will arrive, right on time, on the specified days on which you have scheduled for the cleaning..

20% off for all Staffs Who are Platinum Card holders

Fulfilling Careers

If you want to get the best training for your career as a maid, you will have that opportunity when you choose Homemaids. Once you've found yourself in our company, you will get several opportunities to get ahead of the game and have the best time to mould your talent and fine tune your skills so that you can get ahead in the industry. If you've proven to be a worthy professional cleaner, we will place you among our cadre of the most excellent cleaning service professionals and with a team and supervisor to guide you in daily tasks, you will progress towards greater heights in your career.

Our Blog

We have a steady stream of informative and insightful articles updated on our blog for your pleasure. Our writers are informed men and women who seek to educate everyone about maids in Qatar and the various advantage that you will reap by hiring services such as ours. We will also keep you informed about any latest hacks that have popped up regarding cleaning and tips that will save you time when you don't have much of it. We will provide you with refreshing content every time, and while you wait for our services to arrive, you can browse through our blog

14 / June / 2021
How to Hire a House Cleaning Company in Qatar

Certainly these days, you'll be thinking that you want to get that house finally fixed and then proceed to clean it; only to have it look way worse than it was before....

07 / June / 2021
Advantages of Home Cleaning in Qatar

When you want to practice home cleaning in Qatar, then you would need to get the right home cleaning agency because let's face it, if you were to do the cleaning yourself, you would be wasting your entire day....

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Download our Exclusive Android and iOS Apps to start booking maids on the go

Download App

Download our Exclusive Android and iOS Apps to start booking maids on the go